What Not To Do

So it turns out what happens when you perform “Let It Go” 12 times in a row is that your vocal chords swell up and you lose your voice and have to communicate by writing on a note pad (luckily that only lasted like a day and a half) and also you can’t sing for three weeks.

I still have at least a week to go.

The throat specialist said that my speaking voice is fine.  My singing voice will come back in full with no permanent damage.  I just have to be patient, hydrate, and warm it up slowly once it’s back.

I’m lucky that it was nothing worse than swelling, but still it’s been a rough few weeks. I miss singing, you guys. I don’t really know what to do without it. 😦

Finished To Death!

I posted the last chapter of my lovely Frozen/Snow Queen crossover To Death!  There are a few minor details I may go back and edit, but it’s essentially done.  Read it from the beginning!

I’m sad that it’s over but proud that it exists! And nervous because I’ve never finished a novel-length story before.  I want everything to be flawless every time, but I’m trying to accept that my first ending isn’t going to be perfect. Nothing is perfect the first time you do it. I should be happy that I got such wonderful feedback on the rest of the story … but I’m going to mull over it anxiously anyway because that’s how I do. 😉


Daydreams and Chocolate

I changed the site name today!  It used to be “Daydreams with a side of chocolate,” but honestly I kept looking at the domain name and all I saw was “daydreams-something-something-this-is-a-long-name-and-at-the-end-there-is-chocolate.” So I shortened it. I think this will be easier to remember.  And I want to make little cards/flyers to pass out when I start performing more, so this name is more likely to fit on them.

I posted a link to this site from the original one, so hopefully people can still find me!