Threnody Teaser

25 second “Threnody” clip!

I will post the full song on here (and on my youtube channel), but not until the Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle officially releases the album on November 14th.  Check the calendar above for more info on the release date.  (Did I mention I added a calendar? I added a calendar!)

In fact, this may not be the final recorded version of this song, as I just learned of a local recording studio that has a baby grand piano.  The current version was recorded with Doug Wilkin of Wilkin Audio, who is a fantastic person to work with and who, I think, did an awesome job of making my 20-year-old keyboard not sound like a 20-year-old keyboard!

But he also suggested my album would sound better if I recorded at a studio with a real piano. I didn’t realize studios provided their own pianos. (That makes me sound kind of dumb, but I guess I never thought about it.)  So now I’m really excited to look into this, and you will hear more on it in the future!

In the meantime, look for “Threnody” on the Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD on November 14th! I hope you’ll stop by the release party if you are in the area!


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