October Performance Dates

It’s time for me to start performing like a real songwriter!  I’m all nervous, but I gotta do it!

So, as plans go, here’s what I’ve got. At the start of each month I’ll share 2 performance dates with you. I’ll also add them to the calendar. I know I said I’ll be performing 3 times per month, but I kind of like the idea of the third night happening on whatever day I randomly feel like playing.  So we’ll see how this goes!

Here’s where I’ll be in October!

Tue, 10/7 @ 9 pm – Bloomfield Bridge Tavern Open Mic
Tue, 10/21 @ 9 pm – Hambone’s Open Mic

(Note: The times posted are when the event starts, not necessarily when I’m onstage.)

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, come see me play!