25,000+ Views for “Gerda and the Snow Queen”

While stuck in bed being miserable, I revisited some old stories to cheer myself up, and I saw that Gerda has surpassed 25,000 views. I know in the grand scheme of the interwebs that’s not a lot, but it sure sounds like a lot to me!  Plus, some nice reviewers had left some nice comments, so it really brightened my day. 🙂

Karma and Mononucleosis

So Karma didn’t quite come through for me. Looks like I have mono, so I had to cancel the recording today. Luckily the worst symptoms are over, but it will be a few weeks before recording resumes. I was kind of hoping to have the album out in time for my first paid gig on July 24th so we’ll see whether that happens.

I haven’t mentioned that gig yet. I’ll let you know more about it sometime when I’m less tired.

Anyway thanks for all the good thoughts and stuff. I do appreciate them. ❤

More EP Stuff and Good Karma Please

Had a very nice recording session on Sunday and finished the lead vocals for 3 songs. This makes me about halfway done with my part (the recording company still has to do all their mixing/mastering). If all goes according to schedule, I’m set to finish recording on July 10th!

That’s the good news. Unfortunately the schedule is kind of at the mercy of my poor sore throat right now. I’m doing my best to kick the virus in time to record more this Monday; if not, I’ll have to postpone recording the last 2 songs.

Send some good thoughts/prayers/karma my way if you please!

EP Updates

Had a great recording session with some very talented musicians! These guys really knew their stuff, and it was kind of amazing to be playing in the same room as them. ^_^ I learned a lot and am excited to go back!

One thing I learned is that you can’t record an entire EP in one session. We covered the instrumentals for 3 songs in just over 4 hours, so I’ll be returning on June 13th to record vocals for those songs.  We’ll do the second half of the album during the second half of the month, so updates will come as more recordings are scheduled!

Thank you all for your support so far! I can’t wait to share the finished product with you!