3 songs are done!

Spent an excellent morning recording atĀ Audible Images! Everything went very smoothly and came together well. (Also, I didn’t have mono, which was a significant plus.) Three songs are done, which means only 2 to go.

Y’all have been so patient, I’ll start posting some clips as soon as all the mastering is done.

I’ll squeeze in one more recording session on Monday before I leave for North Carolina, and then finish the vocals whenever I get some vacation time! ^_^

Big Changes!

Facebook friends know by now what my big changes are–I’m moving to North Carolina next week! šŸ˜€ Watch out Raleigh!

I had to wait toĀ shareĀ until the library had announced it internally, but I will be working for the Hope Mills Public Library and getting paid money to sing with children. (Don’t hate me cuz ya ain’t me! šŸ˜‰ ) I’m actually moving to Fayetteville, but Raleigh is only an hour away, and I can’t wait to explore!

The album will be not quite done by the time I move, which means I’ll be returning on a few holiday weekends and should be wrapping up by the end of this year. They weren’t kidding when they said life gets in the way of this stuff — but I’m determined!

Wish me luck on this adventure!

Pictures from SummerSounds and Some Updates

Well I realized I was neglecting my other music sites in favor of this blog, so I went around updating all the others but didn’t updateĀ y’all here!SummerSounds 05

Summersounds was a lovely festival. There were 5000 people the night I played–a nice big crowd! I played my new song, Sailboat, as well as a couple of others that are going to be featured on the album.

The album is coming along, though obviously the mono interfered with my plans to finish before the end of the summer. My voice was the very last thing to come back, which was justĀ ugh.

(Now that SummerSounds went well, I can admitĀ that I was chugging 10-12 glasses of water/tea/orange juice a day trying to get enough voice back to sing for 30 minutes straight. My head voice came back, like, that Wednesday. I was so relieved.)

Anyway, you can see pictures from the festival at this link.Ā It was a very nice night. SummerSounds is still going for a few more Fridays, so check it out if you’re near Greensburg, PA.

Recording the EP will resume this month. Some big life changes are coming up as well, soĀ I will tell you all about them soon!