Things Are Happening

Well, things are happening. Lots of things. Most of them aren’t especially creative, but some are.

As you know, I moved to North Carolina at the beginning of September. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of Moving To A New State Stuff coupled with a lot of Starting A New Job Stuff coupled furthermore with Meeting New People Stuff and with some additional 20-Something Living On Her Own For The First Time Stuff thrown in for good measure.

So far it’s been pretty fun, actually. I’ve only set off the smoke alarm twice.

As for creative stuff, I’ve got a little bit going on with that as well. My next recording date is scheduled for November 9th, which (knock on wood) puts me on track to finish the album by the end of this year.  I’ve been doing a little performing, though mostly it’s been Disney songs at the library.

I may be playing at an open stage on Monday and/or a song writer’s thing on Oct 17th — idk yet. I want to start scheduling 2 shows a month eventually, but oi! figuring out when I’m gonna do things is kind of hard right now. So we shall see.

For now I’m going to go make strawberry pretzel jello for a baby shower. Because I’m an Adult, and bringing desserts to baby showers is a Thing Adults Do.

See, I got this.