Final Recording is Happening!

My final recording is tentatively planned for May 29th, but definitely happening Memorial Day weekend. The harmonies for “Snowfall” are coming along nicely and the harmonies for “Icarus” are … well, they’re coming along, anyway. Definitely on track to finish in April and then have a month to practice!

You guys I am so excited!

I am basically famous!

Me at Piano 5

I made it into the news again because that is just how I do.

Ok, so really I bumbled my way into an open stage full of fantastic people, and a reporter was there to see the fantastic people. But she took my picture for the paper, and doesn’t it look spiffy?!

The open stage was Hope Mills: Unplugged, which they hold once a month at Cumberland Coffee Roasters. It’s a fun, cozy little space!

You can read the article here!