A Proud Member of AO3 Since Last Week

I joined an Archive of Our Own!

Finally! Yay!

Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a fan fiction archive run by the Organization for Transformative Works, OTW in turn is a non-profit that promotes fan works as legal, transformative works, which is pretty cool. I’ve heard their name tossed around the internet over the past few years, but now that I’m looking into them for real it’s clear I’ve been missing out. Hopefully I’ll get some more time to read up on their other projects in the future.

Anyway, my first order of business after joining AO3 was to start posting my own novel-length fan fiction Gerda and the Snow Queen (previous title: To Death) so that it will live on in the annals of fan fiction history forever!

I’m also still plugging away at my other novel-length fan fiction, the one I started in high school, the one that I was totally definitely for serious going to finish in 2016. I’ve set a deadline for myself, again, but since I’ve been setting deadlines for this story for six years, I’m not even going to share the new date. It will be done when its done, I guess?

(Side note: When I decided to become a writer at the tender age of 9-and-a-half, I definitely didn’t expect my life’s work to be a Game of Thrones-length fan fiction written for the worst books ever written. And yet here I am 12 years into this ridiculous mess. But what can I say, it’s a pretty fun time, actually.)

Anyway, that beautiful monstrosity will also be going on AO3 when it’s complete, which I’m sure will be any day now…

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