A Fair Trade Halloween

It’s Halloween time, which means it’s time for a boost to an old post about Fair Trade Halloween chocolates!


It’s my favorite time of year! Hay rides, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, the challenge of finding a costume that isn’t slutty (I seriously don’t remember the ninja turtles showing that much skin) … Anyway, this year I’m extra excited because some Fair Trade chocolate companies are getting into the Halloween spirit!

  Divine Trick or Treat sizedEqual Exchange Minis



Personally I can’t wait for my Equal Exchange mini chocolates to arrive! I — I mean, the children — will love them! Because of course I am only buying them for the children if there are any left when they get here.

A few other companies, such as Dagoba and Alter Eco, have mini candy bars that are the right size for trick-or-treaters without being explicitly advertised as Halloween candy. Check them out!

Check back for more creative updates, and of course an answer to the ultimate question: will this be the year I finally break down and dress as a sexy scrabble board?

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