New Resolution


I know, I just posted yesterday, and now I’m posting again! What is this madness?!

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I really suck at marketing myself. Not even marketing in the financial sense so much as just saying, “Hey, I made a thing, and I’m going to share the thing with people who might be interested!”

Yeah, I’m kind of bad at that.

I mean, I’ve been spending lots of time on creative projects. But my problem is that I put off publicizing those projects in favor of spending even more time working on even more things!

It’s great working on things and all, but it’s hard to connect the things I’m doing with the people who might actually like those things if I never talk about them. So I’ve resolved to post here once a week, and actually talk about what I’m doing.

It’s crazy enough it just might work!

Some weeks my posts might just be, “Hey, I spent the past 10 hours writing fan fiction!” (which lately describes more of my weekends than I care to admit). But how else am I going to connect with the people who can’t wait to read a 500 page post-apocalyptic fan fiction?!

Anyway, here I’ve posted a nice post about how I’m going to post more often, so my work this week is done. *pats self on back*

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