A New Cover!

Lately I’ve had that rare unicorn-esque combination of free time, physical health, and mental health, which is a very nice thing to have! And which means I was able to sit down and do some artistic soul searching.

During the course of that soul searching, I asked myself how I’ve managed to go 4+ years without recording anything. The answer was sort of obvious. Even when I’m in peak mental health, I’m a lazy piano player. Just, like, really lazy.

Don’t get me wrong–I think the piano is beautiful. I’m so glad I can play it. And it’s lovely to be able to accompany myself on an instrument. But honestly? I’m not very motivated to practice said instrument.

I feel like I *should* be more motivated. I mean, the piano is very pretty and sounds nice with my song choices. But after 5 years, this is just true facts. I can keep telling myself I will find the motivation *any day now*. Or I can try something new.

So here’s something new. An a capella song. I had a lot of fun, so there will probably be more where this came from.


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