“When Will My Life Begin?” Cover

Told y’all I’d post another cover in the next 5 years! 😉

I was pretty psyched to perform “When Will My Life Begin?” during a zoom talent show. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the song Rapunzel sings while she’s stuck in her tower trying to find things to do. Truly the most relevant song of 2020.

Enjoy and stay safe everyone!

My TikTok Debut

Something a little different today! I got to help my friend film a “Clue”-themed video for her TikTok channel.

Whodunnit? I think we all look pretty guilty! 😮

@bibliothecarisZoom Game Night is the scene of the crime 💜:@moonlightbulb 💛:@bibliotekar7 ##clue ##tiktokdiy ##keepingbusy ##musiclives

♬ Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Paul Albert Anka

Click here or click the picture to watch the 30-second video.