2020 is awful so I bought myself a present.

Having survived the year so far fueled by a combination of Zoloft and spite, I decided it was time to buy myself a present. We all deserve nice things sometimes. Especially in these times.

Now I have a beautiful Yeti Nano! 😍

I’ve been playing with it for the past few days and I ADORE it!

My phone was a surprisingly good substitute mic for a year. But the Yeti does such a better job of picking up sounds, and the high notes don’t sound as fuzzy. I have much more freedom and can even play with some of the settings on my keyboard that didn’t work with previous mics. I’m PUMPED!!!

(I’m also pumped to finally have a stable roof over my head, which honestly should be a normal thing and not something to get excited over. Good God, this year has been stupid.)

Stay safe and healthy, friends! And spend some time doing nice things for you. ❤