Ghost Tours – The Spooky Season has begun!

Does leading tours count as a creative project? Well, it’s a hefty project if nothing else, so I’ll include it here! This October, I’m leading Ghost Tours with Maryland Ghost Tours in Downtown Frederick. We visit 7 different haunted locations around the city, learn cool historic stuff, and tell ghost stories about each building.

It’s a pretty great side gig! I’ve been working through the scripts since mid-August, so it’s nice to finally be out and about, giving real tours and showing off all my gruesome knowledge.

You may be wondering whether there’s any singing involved. Well, I’m delighted to say yes–I sing about ten seconds of a creepy children’s song. I also act out a few murders, which I think counts as creative. Everyone knows that live theatre is an artistic pursuit.

Anyway, come by for a tour if you’re in the area! It’s a great way to get into the Halloween mood!

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