Hello 2023

It’s weird that I didn’t post at all in 2022. It was actually a pretty active year! I started playing in public spaces again, first at a local coffee shop, and then I had some gigs in downtown Frederick. Life was finally stable enough for me to buy all of the equipment I needed to perform on my own (with some serious help from my partner and his family, who know way more about sound equipment than I do). I even started learning new instruments and brushing off old ones!

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t like adding another source of anxiety in a world that’s already full of stressors. But when the holidays wind down and I find myself with free time, I do like to make low-pressure goals for myself. For now my goal is to spend less time working side gigs and more time on creative pursuits. Maybe I’ll return with some songs. Maybe some stories. Maybe this will be the only post I make this year, but I hope not. I hope you’ll hear from me again.

Either way, hey, we made it to 2023! That wasn’t an easy task. I hope you all have a gentle year surrounded by the people and things that you love.