A Return

I’m back on this blog, hopefully posting more regularly again. The album is almost done. I just got the cover sketches back from Jess Starwood, the artist who designed my beautiful logo, and the album cover looks like it will be just as gorgeous. Look for it around Christmas!

This has been … a rough year. I make no secret of the fact that I struggle with anxiety/depression, and 2016 in particular has been a struggle. Sometimes I hit rough patches that inspire creativity, and sometimes I hit rough patches where I just want to curl up in a ball and turn off everything in my brain. This year has been more of the latter.

I hope that particular period of my life is over, but we’ll see. Life, as always, goes by a day at a time. In the meantime, I’m proud to be finally pushing my album through to completion. I’m really in love with how fantastic it sounds (note: I may be just a little biased). So look for more updates on “Indigo Shades” in the coming weeks!

Happy Holidays, friends! It’s nice to be back.

Final Recording Has Happened!

The album is in the process of being mastered, and I am in the process of getting artwork for the physical CD. Eventually it will also be available for purchase online, but I have to work out the details. And honestly I get more excited about having a physical CD to hold (because in my head it’s still 1999 :p).

As an aside, I have no video of the dance competition for you, but I did participate. Y’all should know that I kicked butt and won first place! (First place in the beginner level is still a first place,right? Maybe I will even graduate to Level 2 next year!)

Final Recording is Happening!

My final recording is tentatively planned for May 29th, but definitely happening Memorial Day weekend. The harmonies for “Snowfall” are coming along nicely and the harmonies for “Icarus” are … well, they’re coming along, anyway. Definitely on track to finish in April and then have a month to practice!

You guys I am so excited!