A Fair Trade Halloween

It’s Halloween time, which means it’s time for a boost to an old post about Fair Trade Halloween chocolates!


It’s my favorite time of year! Hay rides, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, the challenge of finding a costume that isn’t slutty (I seriously don’t remember the ninja turtles showing that much skin) … Anyway, this year I’m extra excited because some Fair Trade chocolate companies are getting into the Halloween spirit!

  Divine Trick or Treat sizedEqual Exchange Minis



Personally I can’t wait for my Equal Exchange mini chocolates to arrive! I — I mean, the children — will love them! Because of course I am only buying them for the children if there are any left when they get here.

A few other companies, such as Dagoba and Alter Eco, have mini candy bars that are the right size for trick-or-treaters without being explicitly advertised as Halloween candy. Check them out!

Check back for more creative updates, and of course an answer to the ultimate question: will this be the year I finally break down and dress as a sexy scrabble board?

A Proud Member of AO3 Since Last Week

I joined an Archive of Our Own!

Finally! Yay!

Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a fan fiction archive run by the Organization for Transformative Works, OTW in turn is a non-profit that promotes fan works as legal, transformative works, which is pretty cool. I’ve heard their name tossed around the internet over the past few years, but now that I’m looking into them for real it’s clear I’ve been missing out. Hopefully I’ll get some more time to read up on their other projects in the future.

Anyway, my first order of business after joining AO3 was to start posting my own novel-length fan fiction Gerda and the Snow Queen (previous title: To Death) so that it will live on in the annals of fan fiction history forever!

I’m also still plugging away at my other novel-length fan fiction, the one I started in high school, the one that I was totally definitely for serious going to finish in 2016. I’ve set a deadline for myself, again, but since I’ve been setting deadlines for this story for six years, I’m not even going to share the new date. It will be done when its done, I guess?

(Side note: When I decided to become a writer at the tender age of 9-and-a-half, I definitely didn’t expect my life’s work to be a Game of Thrones-length fan fiction written for the worst books ever written. And yet here I am 12 years into this ridiculous mess. But what can I say, it’s a pretty fun time, actually.)

Anyway, that beautiful monstrosity will also be going on AO3 when it’s complete, which I’m sure will be any day now…

Daydreamsandchocolate.net – “Its dot com!”

Hopefully someone out there appreciates the Homestar Runner reference in the title.  If you don’t, you should visit the USS Homestar Runner. It’s been 10 years and that video still cracks me up. Anyway…

Today I learned an important life lesson about renewing your domain name on time! Apparently if you let it lapse, you could possibly lose it forever. :O Or you could do what I did and pay 4 times what you would have otherwise paid and wordpress will recover it for you. So my wallet is crying, but I’m happy to report that I’ll have daydreamsandchocolate.com back in my name by the end of the week.

Which is good, because daydreamsandchocolate.net just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

While we wait, here’s a sun catcher that I made. They’re very easy and pretty, so I’ll tell you more about how I make them in future posts.Shiny Thing - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Going the Distance

Last week I finally traveled to the distant Northern lands of Cary, NC for some open stages. (Cary, in case you were wondering, is about a 90 minute drive from Fayetteville. This makes it Really, Really Far Away if you’re like me and hate driving anywhere after work.)

First I stopped in Fuquay-Varina at the Fainting Goat Brewing Company, where I met some lovely folks and sampled delicious cider. Then it was off to The Corner Tavern and Grill in Cary, where I got to experience an outdoor open stage for the first time. They asked me to come back and play on a live music night, which was nice! It’s always a self esteem boost when someone wants to listen to you play again. 😉

Since I’ve given up on performing every week, my new (slightly more realistic) goal is to make it up to Raleigh and/or Cary once a month. There are lots of places to visit. Despite the vast and treacherous distance, I was glad I went. And I look forward to going back!

Hey You, I Want a CD

At karaIndigoShades (1)oke the other night, a guy approached my friend while I was belting out an Alanis Morrisette song.

“She’s good,” he said. “I’d pay to hear her sing.”

“You can buy her album!” my friend said.

He didn’t. It wasn’t worth it without the Alanis Morissette covers, I guess.

BUT, as you may have guessed, that means more copies of my album are out! I loaded up when I went home for Easter, so hopefully I’m set through at least the end of the year. CDs are $10 so let me know if you’d like one!

If you don’t normally see me in person you can send me a facebook message. If you do see me in person, just say something along the lines of, “Hey you, I want a CD,” and I’ll get one to you. 😉

The somewhat scattered release means that I haven’t yet taken a moment to thank some awesome people. So I really want to say thanks to Hollis and Jay at Audible Images, who did an amazing job and worked with me even while I was living in another state; and artist Jess Starwood who designed the gorgeous album cover you can see above. Beautiful work by all!

A Lyrics Page and Other Exciting Things

we-climbed-slowly.jpgIf you are one of the proud owners of my album Indigo Shades, you may have noticed that the album insert directs you to Daydreams and Chocolate for the lyrics.

You may have also noticed that there were no lyrics on here.

Until now! Now there’s a separate link right next to “Music” that takes you to “Lyrics.” Right now we only have Icarus and Threnody online — because last year I saved the lyrics in a way that makes copying and pasting them really super annoying — but the others are coming!

You may have also, also noticed that I rearranged the links and replaced “Plays” with “DIY.” Yeah, I figure if I haven’t posted a thing after 2 years of intending to post the thing, I’m probably not going to post that thing. So I’m giving up on the plays.

(When I read through them, they were mostly inside jokes. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ever going to get around to revising them so that the jokes make sense to people who aren’t my high school friends. I’m not even sure they’d make sense to my high school friends anymore.)

Lately, though, I have been doing a lot of homemade art projects, so I think a DIY page is warranted. Beautiful art (or at least passably ok things that I gave as Christmas presents) will abound!


A New Circle

So! This week I was *finally* able to visit the songwriter’s circle up in Carrboro, NC. It was well worth the trip!

Carrboro is 90 minutes from Fayetteville, and the songwriters usually meet up only 30 minutes after I get off work. This week, though, the stars aligned so that I was able to make it to most of the meeting. (It helps that I made the March work schedule, so I could give the stars a bit of a nudge.)

Everyone was full of ideas and constructive feedback.Being around people who are passionate about making music can be inspiring; when you get a room full of them, their passion is contagious. I’ve seriously missed that kind of environment. It’s a lot harder to come by in Fayetteville than in Pittsburgh.

I was content to sit and listen, since I’d dashed in a good 30 minutes late minus a keyboard. But the host, Michael, noticed me hiding in the back and invited me to play. I didn’t have anything new prepared, so I shared “Moonflower Lullaby” off of my album Indigo Shades. I might have mentioned Indigo Shades once or twice on this blog. 😉

One good tip: I learned that the songwriters circle is run by the NC Songwriter’s Co-op. The Co-op’s function seems similar to that of the Songwriter’s Circle back in Pittsburgh: networking, hosting special performances, helping members find gigs in the area, etc.

The area is a bit far for me, but I think I’m still going to join! They seem like a good group of people, and I hope I make it up to play with them more often.^_^