Current 2016 Projects

I’m working on a few long term things right now. None of them are at a shareable point, but here are some things to look forward to…


  • The album!  I had to cancel my December session because I severely, severely underestimated how crazy the Christmas season is when you’re travelling. My actual last session will be in May 2016. Look for a summer release date!
    • A 2nd novel length fan fiction! (Because why write novels that people will pay you for … ?) But for serious, this is a project that is very close to my heart. I’ve been working on it on and off for about 12 years and have decided that this is the year I finish what I started!
      • A dance routine! Probably! I’ve never choreographed anything before.  But if I can come up with enough $ for the competition by June, and if I don’t end up looking like a panda falling out of a tree, then I will even share the video with you!

      There you have it, folks!  Of course, in between the big projects look for sporadic performances, covers, and blog posts.

      Til next time!

Finished To Death!

I posted the last chapter of my lovely Frozen/Snow Queen crossover To Death!  There are a few minor details I may go back and edit, but it’s essentially done.  Read it from the beginning!

I’m sad that it’s over but proud that it exists! And nervous because I’ve never finished a novel-length story before.  I want everything to be flawless every time, but I’m trying to accept that my first ending isn’t going to be perfect. Nothing is perfect the first time you do it. I should be happy that I got such wonderful feedback on the rest of the story … but I’m going to mull over it anxiously anyway because that’s how I do. 😉


5000+ Views

Guys, my first novel-length story, To Death, passed 5000 views today!  I am so excited!

The next story of this caliber will be a real, publishable novel, so I’ll let you know how and when that develops. In the meantime, this is basically my firstborn child, and I’m so thrilled to see that people like it!