Open Mics and the Great Sound System in the Sky

Well I made it up to Raleigh for an open stage! For the first time in a year! I am clearly 100% dedicated to my craft you guys. But I checked out Deep South the Bar and they’re pretty cool up there so I think I’ll go back.

I wanted to hit up a second bar before driving back down, but they’d all cancelled their open stages because it was some national holiday or something. :p

My pedal broke in two just before I left, so that made playing interesting! :O But I can’t complain. It’s worked well for 24 years and now its on to the great sound system in the sky. The keyboard and pedal came as a set, but I’m hoping my keyboard holds out for a while longer.

RIP Pedal

RIP Pedal


A New Circle

So! This week I was *finally* able to visit the songwriter’s circle up in Carrboro, NC. It was well worth the trip!

Carrboro is 90 minutes from Fayetteville, and the songwriters usually meet up only 30 minutes after I get off work. This week, though, the stars aligned so that I was able to make it to most of the meeting. (It helps that I made the March work schedule, so I could give the stars a bit of a nudge.)

Everyone was full of ideas and constructive feedback.Being around people who are passionate about making music can be inspiring; when you get a room full of them, their passion is contagious. I’ve seriously missed that kind of environment. It’s a lot harder to come by in Fayetteville than in Pittsburgh.

I was content to sit and listen, since I’d dashed in a good 30 minutes late minus a keyboard. But the host, Michael, noticed me hiding in the back and invited me to play. I didn’t have anything new prepared, so I shared “Moonflower Lullaby” off of my album Indigo Shades. I might have mentioned Indigo Shades once or twice on this blog. 😉

One good tip: I learned that the songwriters circle is run by the NC Songwriter’s Co-op. The Co-op’s function seems similar to that of the Songwriter’s Circle back in Pittsburgh: networking, hosting special performances, helping members find gigs in the area, etc.

The area is a bit far for me, but I think I’m still going to join! They seem like a good group of people, and I hope I make it up to play with them more often.^_^


Snowfall (December Moon) Teaser

And here — finally — is a teaser for “Snowfall,” the fifth and final track off my album Indigo Shades!

The album had a soft release after Christmas, with only 20 copies that all got scooped up by February. Awesome!

These days I’m trying to figure out the most efficient way to get to the next 80 copies, which have left the studio and are now sitting in a box in my parents’ house in Pittsburgh. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, now is a good time to get in touch with me about buying a copy! Otherwise you may have to wait until I visit the ‘rents in June.

Til then you have your lovely teasers!