Open Mics and the Great Sound System in the Sky

Well I made it up to Raleigh for an open stage! For the first time in a year! I am clearly 100% dedicated to my craft you guys. But I checked out Deep South the Bar and they’re pretty cool up there so I think I’ll go back.

I wanted to hit up a second bar before driving back down, but they’d all cancelled their open stages because it was some national holiday or something. :p

My pedal broke in two just before I left, so that made playing interesting! :O But I can’t complain. It’s worked well for 24 years and now its on to the great sound system in the sky. The keyboard and pedal came as a set, but I’m hoping my keyboard holds out for a while longer.

RIP Pedal

RIP Pedal


I am basically famous!

Me at Piano 5

I made it into the news again because that is just how I do.

Ok, so really I bumbled my way into an open stage full of fantastic people, and a reporter was there to see the fantastic people. But she took my picture for the paper, and doesn’t it look spiffy?!

The open stage was Hope Mills: Unplugged, which they hold once a month at Cumberland Coffee Roasters. It’s a fun, cozy little space!

You can read the article here!


Performance Updates Update

Well, the move put a pause on my performances, but it’s about time to get back into things. I’ll resume playing twice a month, but I won’t post the dates on here unless it’s a big deal, like a featured performance or a live stream. Ordinary open stages will just be me showing up.

Now that I sometimes have to work late and/or plan programs from home, I’d rather not commit to certain nights and then have to back out. I’ll just go when I can. That said, let me know if YOU want to know when I’m playing. Maybe I’ll start tweeting before I go or something.

PS – New covers in the works!

April Performance Dates

April’s dates are up! The library performance is a private event, unfortunately, so I may schedule a third performance for the public. Or not. I’m not sure. The world is full of surprises! :3

Tues, 4/7 @ 9 pm – Bloomfield Bridge Tavern’s Open Mic Night
Wed, 4/29 @ 1 pm – Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Staff Art Exhibit Reception

(Note: The times posted are when the event starts, not necessarily when I’m onstage.)

March Performance Dates

March is a busy month – I’ve already committed to 3 open mics! Tomorrow night I will be playing the featured set, which means you’ll hear 6 songs instead of the usual 2-3. Come on by if you’re in the area!

Tues, 3/3 @ 9 pm – Bloomfield Bridge Tavern’s Open Mic Night
Mon, 3/16 @ 7 pm – CCAC North Campus Open Stage Night

Fri, 3/27 – Cattivo’s Open Mic Night (details pending)

(Note: The times posted are when the event starts, not necessarily when I’m onstage. Except for March 3rd, when I play from 9-9:30.)

February Performance Dates

Come visit me on one of the following nights! It may be insanely cold outside, but these places will be warm and full of music!

Mon, 2/16 @ 7 pm – CCAC North Campus Open Stage Night
Tues, 2/24 @ 9 pm – Hambone’s Acoustic Open Mic

(Note: The times posted are when the event starts, not necessarily when I’m onstage.)

Come See Me as the BBT’s Featured Performer on March 3rd!

So I’m moving up in the musical world! I’ve been invited to play as the featured performer at the Calliope Songwriter’s Open Stage at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern!  The performance will be on March 3rd from 9 – 9:30 pm.

I’ve played at a few open stages at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern but never as the featured performer. I hope you can join me for this really awesome first! 😀