A Lyrics Page and Other Exciting Things

we-climbed-slowly.jpgIf you are one of the proud owners of my album Indigo Shades, you may have noticed that the album insert directs you to Daydreams and Chocolate for the lyrics.

You may have also noticed that there were no lyrics on here.

Until now! Now there’s a separate link right next to “Music” that takes you to “Lyrics.” Right now we only have Icarus and Threnody online — because last year I saved the lyrics in a way that makes copying and pasting them really super annoying — but the others are coming!

You may have also, also noticed that I rearranged the links and replaced “Plays” with “DIY.” Yeah, I figure if I haven’t posted a thing after 2 years of intending to post the thing, I’m probably not going to post that thing. So I’m giving up on the plays.

(When I read through them, they were mostly inside jokes. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ever going to get around to revising them so that the jokes make sense to people who aren’t my high school friends. I’m not even sure they’d make sense to my high school friends anymore.)

Lately, though, I have been doing a lot of homemade art projects, so I think a DIY page is warranted. Beautiful art (or at least passably ok things that I gave as Christmas presents) will abound!


Daydreams and Chocolate

I changed the site name today!  It used to be “Daydreams with a side of chocolate,” but honestly I kept looking at the domain name and all I saw was “daydreams-something-something-this-is-a-long-name-and-at-the-end-there-is-chocolate.” So I shortened it. I think this will be easier to remember.  And I want to make little cards/flyers to pass out when I start performing more, so this name is more likely to fit on them.

I posted a link to this site from the original one, so hopefully people can still find me!


I made a few minor changes to the site tonight.  Added reviews to the Stories page because reviewers were saying some nice things about To Death and I wanted to share. 🙂  I also added a separate page for plays because I found 3 plays from high school that still make me laugh.  Unfortunately, I have to type them all up, so it may be a while before they make it onto my site.  But now you have something else to look forward to!