January’s Project Evaluation and the EP

Piano Close-UpIt’s January, which means its time to evaluate my recording project!

The plan has shifted slightly, as plans do when life happens. I was hoping to churn out one song per month, but it turns out that songs — like cats — don’t come when they’re called. However, they do come eventually. Right now I have five complete songs, so that’s where I’ll start.

Instead of a 10-song album, then, I’m going to record a 5-song EP (which is like an album but with fewer songs on it). The titles of these 5 songs are:

“Snowfall (December Moon)”
“Moonflower Lullaby”

I know 5 songs sounds less impressive than 10, but I’m actually really excited for what this means! Instead of focusing on churning out a new song each month, now I can spend the rest of the year learning the recording process and giving each individual song the attention it needs.  It’s going to be a big learning experience for me, which will (hopefully) end with an enjoyable EP for you!

A good plan for a new year. 🙂

Image taken from http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=99925&picture=piano-keys-closeup&large=1


CD Release Party Details

The Pittsburgh Songwriter’s Circle will be having its CD release event Fri., Nov. 14 at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 6300 Fifth Ave, Shadyside (corner of Fifth and Shady avenues)!

Come to see me play “Threnody” and another original song (which one? It’s a mystery!).  You will hear lots of great songwriters in one place, and also there will be food!

Additional Details: Admission is $7. Kids age 10 and under get in free. Parking is free at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts lots; additional street parking is available on Shady Avenue. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., show 7-11 p.m. Sandwiches, beer, wine and other beverages available for purchase.

Threnody Teaser

25 second “Threnody” clip!

I will post the full song on here (and on my youtube channel), but not until the Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle officially releases the album on November 14th.  Check the calendar above for more info on the release date.  (Did I mention I added a calendar? I added a calendar!)

In fact, this may not be the final recorded version of this song, as I just learned of a local recording studio that has a baby grand piano.  The current version was recorded with Doug Wilkin of Wilkin Audio, who is a fantastic person to work with and who, I think, did an awesome job of making my 20-year-old keyboard not sound like a 20-year-old keyboard!

But he also suggested my album would sound better if I recorded at a studio with a real piano. I didn’t realize studios provided their own pianos. (That makes me sound kind of dumb, but I guess I never thought about it.)  So now I’m really excited to look into this, and you will hear more on it in the future!

In the meantime, look for “Threnody” on the Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle CD on November 14th! I hope you’ll stop by the release party if you are in the area!