Short Stories

The Princess and the Dragon

It was supposed to be a classic fairy tale — only George the dragon doesn’t want to be mean, the princess doesn’t want to be kidnapped, and Prince Charming isn’t very charming. What’s a narrator to do? (2005)

Long Stories

Evil Snow QueenGerda and the Snow Queen

Gerda wants nothing more than to rescue her best friend Kai from the clutches of the evil Snow Queen, but Queen Johanna and the goblins have their own plans for Kai.  Now Gerda must conquer the illusions of a wicked magic mirror before the goblins destroy everything she holds dear. (Features everyone’s favorite Frozen princesses, of course. 😉 )

Read as a pdf.| Read archived online (under original title To Death).


“This is like reading a better version of the original Snow Queen story.”

“You managed to take two great things, Frozen and the Snow Queen, and merged them together to make one even better thing.”

“This was such a gorgeous story.  I truly loved it.”


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