EP Updates

This EP is eating my soul, but in a good (if exhausting) way. I’ve spent all of May so far typing up chords/lyrics/sheet music for the musicians and recording demos whenever I snagged a few moments¬†home alone. For the next two weeks I’ll do nothing but write harmonies and practice, practice, practice.

As I’m sure you figured out, there will be no performance dates this month. But the pay-off will be well worth it!

Recording Date Set!

Guys, I am SO EXCITED to announce that the (first?) recording date for my 5-song EP has been scheduled! ¬†I begin recording with Audible Images on Monday, June 1st. This is such an exciting milestone, and I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

If anyone was thinking of donating to make this EP the best it can be, now is the time. Thank you all so much for your continued support!