A New Cover!

Lately I’ve had that rare unicorn-esque combination of free time, physical health, and mental health, which is a very nice thing to have! And which means I was able to sit down and do some artistic soul searching.

I asked myself how I’ve managed to go 4+ years without recording anything, and the answer was sort of obvious. Even when I’m in peak mental health, I’m a lazy piano player. Just really lazy.

Don’t get me wrong–I think the piano is beautiful. I’m so glad I can play it. And it’s lovely to be able to accompany myself on an instrument. But honestly? I’m not very motivated to practice said instrument.

I feel like I *should* be more motivated. I mean, the piano is very pretty and sounds nice with my song choices. But after 5 years, this is just true facts. I can keep telling myself I will find the motivation *any day now*. Or I can try something new.

So here’s something new. An a capella song. I had a lot of fun, so there will probably be more where this came from.



Open Mics and the Great Sound System in the Sky

Well I made it up to Raleigh for an open stage! For the first time in a year! I am clearly 100% dedicated to my craft you guys. But I checked out Deep South the Bar and they’re pretty cool up there so I think I’ll go back.

I wanted to hit up a second bar before driving back down, but they’d all cancelled their open stages because it was some national holiday or something. :p

My pedal broke in two just before I left, so that made playing interesting! :O But I can’t complain. It’s worked well for 24 years and now its on to the great sound system in the sky. The keyboard and pedal came as a set, but I’m hoping my keyboard holds out for a while longer.

RIP Pedal

RIP Pedal


Suncatchers in the Sun

Ok, so deciding to write every week was a failed experiment. That’s why this blog is for fun and not for profit. 🙂

So I’m back for the time being, and taking a much-needed breather from post-apocalyptic fan fiction to work on some other projects. For example, here’s a lovely Sun Catcher I made while binge watching A Series of Unfortunate Events this weekend.


I sprayed this one with a matte finish so it will last longer than a few months, but next time I’m in the market for a new finish I’m definitely buying a glossy one. This sun catcher doesn’t catch the sun as well as the ones next to it. But that’s ok, it’s still quite pretty and I’m happy to share it!

More Christmas Presents

Here are the coaster sets I didn’t get a chance to share last week! Irish symbols for my aunt and a music tree for my grandmother:

For last week’s Buddha coasters, I just cropped some existing photos, but with the sets pictured here I took time to edit the images before printing. So I’m quite proud of how they turned out.

The original clip art for the Irish symbols came from graphicbuzz.com  (searched “Irish symbols”) and the music tree came from freeimages.com (searched “music tree”). For the music tree I used a slightly edited version that I found on google images–I couldn’t find who edited it but they added the lighter music notes in the background and gave it some nice depth. My edits were done using MS Publisher, Pixlr, and Paint.

You can view these coasters on my DIY page, which now has things on it! Yay!


Christmas Presents!

In a shocking twist that surprises no one, it turns out the beginning of December is a terrible time to add responsibilities to my life. The day after I swore I would post on here once a week, I realized I was incredibly behind on Christmas planning. So I did what any normal, healthy person would do: calmly assessed what I needed to finish and paced myself panicked, stressed the heck out, worked obsessively on presents every spare minute and late into the night until I made myself sick. Whelp.

My New Years’ Resolution is to not do that to myself again. But I probably will because stressing way too much over small things is kinda how I roll. 😉

On the bright side, the presents turned out AWESOME!!! And now that Christmas is over and everyone has their gifts, I can share some pictures with you fine people. ^_^

coasters - buddha

DIY Coasters

So as you can see, this year I made coasters for family and friends using these excellent instructions from Cardstore. Tile coasters are my new favorite craft–easy, cheap, and so much fun! Each set took a few hours to make, but, Christmas stress aside, I seriously had a blast making them. Anyone in the market for coasters? Because I might just start making more for the fun of it.

The coasters above were for one of my besties and are probably my favorite set. All of these pictures come from the fantastic site pexels.com and are available for use for free (even for commercial use, which is pretty cool!).

For the most part, I followed the instructions linked above, but I switched up a few things for myself. (If you didn’t feel like reading the linked instructions, I’ll summarize: basically you print out a picture, put it on a 4-inch ceramic tile, and slap a lot of Mod Podge on it.) Before I printed out the pictures I measured them out to 3.5 x 3.5 inches, so they would have that nice white frame when attached to 4-inch tiles. I also bought glossy Mod Podge from Michael’s to give my coasters an extra shine.

On the bottom of the coasters, rather than putting 3 coats of Mod Podge and little felt squares, I glued a big sheet of felt to the bottom. Then I trimmed around the edges using fabric scissors so that the felt square perfectly covered the bottom of the tile. The felt bottoms on these coasters are red, which you can see along some sides if you look closely.

The instructions warned that tiles are prone to sticking together when stacked, but I had no trouble with the Mod Podge tops sticking to the felt bottoms, so I’m patting myself on the back for that innovation.

And there you have it–December’s project! My favorite set of home-made coasters! These coasters and two more sets will go into my DIY page (which still exists!) along with pictures of last year’s Christmas presents and another colorful hanging plastic thingie.

But I’ve been typing for a long time, so I’ll save those things for next week’s entry.

New Resolution


I know, I just posted yesterday, and now I’m posting again! What is this madness?!

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I really suck at marketing myself. Not even marketing in the financial sense so much as just saying, “Hey, I made a thing, and I’m going to share the thing with people who might be interested!”

Yeah, I’m kind of bad at that.

I mean, I’ve been spending lots of time on creative projects. But my problem is that I put off publicizing those projects in favor of spending even more time working on even more things!

It’s great working on things and all, but it’s hard to connect the things I’m doing with the people who might actually like those things if I never talk about them. So I’ve resolved to post here once a week, and actually talk about what I’m doing.

It’s crazy enough it just might work!

Some weeks my posts might just be, “Hey, I spent the past 10 hours writing fan fiction!” (which lately describes more of my weekends than I care to admit). But how else am I going to connect with the people who can’t wait to read a 500 page post-apocalyptic fan fiction?!

Anyway, here I’ve posted a nice post about how I’m going to post more often, so my work this week is done. *pats self on back*

New Theme

No, your eyes don’t deceive you — I changed the theme! And the color scheme!

Daydreams and Chocolate has been around for a while, so I figured it was about time to move my blog design beyond the year 2012. Since I’m one of those people who are perpetually 5 years behind the trends, that means my new blog theme is ushering in the coolest blog fashions of 2013.

The future is now!